About me

I am an avid martial artist with a passion for learning and teaching. I have studied in Canada and abroad, and learned Liu He Ba Fa and  Ba Gua from Josh Crossley in Nanaimo, and Wing Chun from Eric Li in Vancouver.


I offer traditional classes outdoors in the park in Victoria BC, and private lessons either in your home or outdoors as well.


To begin every class we start with various "Yi Ching" exercises to aid in changing and aligning your body structure. These are taken from Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi Liu He Ba Fa and are essential to one's progress in the developing of martial skill. 

The latter part of the classes are given to the practice of the 12 Animals of Liu He Ba Fa; the form, supplementary exercises to be able to do the form, and application of the form.

For those who continue on from the 12 Animals the long form of the Hong Kong style of Liu He Ba Fa will be introduced and again; form, supplementary exercises and applications will be the structure for learning each move.